Place 1: Bangkok
Time:13-15 April 10:00 am-00:00 pm
Main theater: Khao San Road, Silom Road, RCA, etc.
During the New Year of Thailand, Khao San Road, the most loving district for backpackers, has thousands of young Thai and a foreigner to pour water to each other. The Bangkok business district Silom Road is one of the main battle place.
At that time, Phra Buddha Siding, a well-known Buddhist in the National Museum of Thailand, will be taken a bath and accept the pray from the people. It is suggested that the participating tourists wear the traditional Thai dress.

Place 2: Chiang Mai
Time:11-16 April 9:00 am-22:00 pm
The main zone: in and around the old town
There will be a splash of water, an eye-catching beautiful parade, and a full-man truck. Everyone to spray water to other vehicles and pedestrians, and the whole traffic was blocked.
Prapeni Pi Mai Mueang, Chiang Mai New Year Blessing Ceremony, will be last for 5 days. The highlight of the blessing ceremony is the local people’s pray to the well-known temple, and making a sand tower for blessing.

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Place 3: Pattaya
Time: 11 April – 20 April ,9:00 am-00:00 pm
Main theater: Pattaya Beach Road
At that time, the beach road will be closed, and the carnival atmosphere is full of every part of city.